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[City Upon A] Mako Hill ----- ShinRa's Story

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City of Mako ----- ShinRa's Story
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When the Depression in Midgar finally ended, the people were thrilled to reopen shops and companies to the general public. One such company was Shinra Incorporated; they began relighting Midgar's homes with an electrical power source known as Mako energy. Reactors were quickly built in the city to provide enough electricity to the thousands of the families that resided in Midgar. Soon, the city was sectioned off into eight sectors, and were named according to which Mako reactor was built there. More and more people began flooding into the wealthy city and the people, who had been living in the area for years and had been making nice bundles of money, began complaining about the "filth" that was now coming into the city. So, they turned towards the biggest power in Midgar, ShinRa Incorporated. Businesses began merging with the large corporation in return for another section of the city to belong to only the wealthiest people in Midgar. Thus, the construction of the plates was born. To keep the people in the slums happy, Shinra organized a team of actors and artists to create advertisements for the company, stating that the plates would provide a second source of energy to the slums; the sun. Thus, the plates were built and the companies that joined Shinra were quickly taken over, torn down, and wiped from existence.

With Midgar almost completely under his control, Jack Shinra began creating a sea port for ShinRa Incorporated. The location would be the former Mill town of Junon. Now, with the construction of Junon far underway, ShinRa begins to advance up the corporate food chain. Soon, many believe that ShinRa will be the economic power of the world.

SUMMARY: Quick Review of the Plot
It's going to start two years before the game; the plates have just been finished and Shinra is beginning to monopolize the electricity and weapons manufacturing industries. Rufus will be spending most of his time in Midgar, but he'll be required to visit Junon now and then to see how construction is doing there and to influence people, in that area, to purchase Shinra products and support Shinra. The Turks will be retrieving information from other companies, destroying other companies, getting rid of any anti-ShinRa people on the plate, conducting negotiations with rival companies, etc, etc. The war with the Wutanese government is in the process of being concluded.



The ShinRa Family

Jack ShinRa: Taken. makoking
Rufus ShinRa: Taken. mako_empire

Top Executives

Scarlet: Available.
Heidegger: Available.
Hojo: Available.
Palmer: Available.
Reeve: Available.

Tseng: Taken. exoticspices
Reno: Taken. sectorsixfinest
Rude: Taken. r_u_d_e_
Elena: Taken. elenarushthorne

Original Characters

Jiang Chi: jiang_chi
Julian D'Massey: keytothecastle

We are going to allow original characters. These characters can only be Before Crisis Turks, Turks, or family members of any of the ShinRa employees, except the ShinRa family. I will only accept original characters if you have a thorough storyline for them and if they are not crazy, god-like creatures.

Thank you.

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