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27 February 2005 @ 07:26 pm
This log is actually two weeks old... It's supposed occur after this post - http://www.livejournal.com/community/cityuponmako/3724.html#cutid1. Due to certain circumstances, we couldn't finish it in one session, and we only finished it after about... SIX logs. Uh-huh. Crazy, yes.

Ah, and such the bat out of hell was Reno, storming up the stairs, going slowly and angrily at first and then gaining speed as he realized that there were around 30 stairs per floor and about 50-some-odd floors before he got to his own hallway. So he began running. And running. And by the time he reached his hallway, he keyed the door and stalked down toward the Turks' suite, where he would either find Rude or vandalize Tseng's office.

Rude leaned back against the black leather couch and sighed. It had been a long day, and it wasn't a 'good' long day; it was a horribly pathetic excuse for a day. He could hear the distant sound of stomping, and was sure that he knew who was causing it. Well, he could always ask his partner out for a drink to loosen up. Reno would never turn down a chance to slip off to the slums.

Sure enough, Rude was proven correct as the angry redhead threw open the door. He narrowed his eyes on the bald man and stormed over to him. He stood there a moment, fists clenched and shaking, and then abruptly seemed to turn into pudding, falling apart and crumpling into his partner's lap. He was overdramatically false-crying about something explicit, though one couldn't really be sure what, as his feigned emotions were a little strong and the rest was muffled by navy blue fabric.

The bald Turk blinked, but dismissed any further thoughts and patted the red mop of hair.

"Anything I can do?" he asked, idly running his fingers through Reno's long ponytail.

Though his eyes were puffy, and slightly moist, Reno looked up with a wide grin on his face. It melted into a pout and a rather obnoxiously pathetic sniffle rose into his nostrils. "Rude no one loves me up here. It sucks."

Rude cleared his throat. "Well, I do," he said, trying to keep his voice as masculine as possible, yet with a slight tinge of affection. He patted the top of Reno's head akwardly.

The glowing, shining eyes of the younger Turk stared up in complete adoration at his partner. He sniffled again, acting as if he were going to cry... again. "Reaally?"

The older Turk nodded. "Really."

All pretenses were then shed as Reno, much like a snake in an ancient text, slithered up into Rude's lap, smirking at him, eyes half lidded and tempting. "Do y'love me 'nough t'help me with a problem I been havin'?"

An eyebrow raised, Rude leaned closer to his partner, a slight grin tugging at his lips. "What is it?" he murmured.

"See, I been tryin' t'make new friends here on th' plate, but no one wants t'be friends with me... an' I went back home t'see m'old friends, an' Tseng said y'have t'watch me now fer th' next week'r somethin'... an' I can't make a new friend with ya watchin' me..." he trailed off, his voice melting into a purr as he leaned his forehead against Rude's peering behind his glasses.

Rude pushed his sunglasses higher up and smirked. He rarely did this, but Reno was one of the few people he could really trust to show his emotions. "What makes you think I'd care if you made any new 'friends'? I'm not Tseng's lapdog. Besides, I'm only here to watch you."

"Mmn..." Reno chuckled, rubbing his nose affectionately against Rude's cheek. "Then I guess y'll jus' have t'watch..." He moved lower, taking Rude's tie between his teeth and pulling it unceremoniously from his jacket. He let it slide out until just the very end was caught and he leaned back, further back, until the tie wouldn't let him go any further, and he gave a sharp jerk, trying to loose it. That failed and his teeth clicked shut miserably, leaving him offbalance until gravity claimed him. And there he lay on the floor now, laughing at himself, jacket fanned out around him.

The taller Turk stood up and shook his head at his partner. "Look at you," he said, chuckling slightly. His right hand came up to his neck; with a swift jerk, his tie came undone and he tossed it aside. Rude crouched over Reno's legs and sighed. "What am I to do with you?"

"Watch." he answered simply, smirking. He twisted slightly, pulling his legs together and arching them slightly. He made sure to 'accidentally' brush against Rude, ignoring the contact completely as he wiggled out of his jacket. His gloved hands smoothed his rumpled shirt, sliding over the slight ridge where, beneath, his ribs stuck out. He closed his eyes, snickering. "I'm sexy enough all by myself..."

Rude grinned and pulled off his shades, tossing them aside to join his discarded tie. His dark eyes gleamed with mischief. "Alright, I'll just watch."

"Heh..." Reno allowed one eye to slit open, watching Rude carefully. His calloused fingers slid along the contours of his torso, hands pausing to rest on his jutting hipbones. "Is Tseng punched out fer th' night...?"

Long fingers slid down his jacket as he unbuttoned it smoothly, and flung it away. "Mm-hmm," he replied, head tilting to one side. "Is it just me, or is it getting hotter in here?"

"I'm always hot." Reno snorted. No one would ever believe him if he repeated anything Rude said the following day. He took pride in knowing how to coax such rediculous things out of him after hours. "Y'can adjust th' thermostat if y'want..." The redhead snorted and slipped a hand through the small space his boney hips afforded him by his belt. "Y'know, I'm glad y'decided t'watch... m'right hand's better'n yer whole body..." he purred.

Rude sniffed. "That's a very nice thing to say... I'll just ignore it and continue watching, anyway."

The smaller Turk's grin widened slightly and satisfied, he commence pretending to pleasure himself. He would much rather Rude do all the work, so he should just... entice him. He arched his back, giving a shameful moan, barely able to contain his smirking.

The sound hit a nerve and Rude shifted slightly, wishing he still had his sunglasses on. He felt exposed like this, but decided to see what the redhead would do next. As much as he hated to admit it, he liked it when Reno tried to knock down his barriers as easily as a kid could demolish a sandcastle.

The younger Turk laughed breathily, groaning and writhing in his own make-believe ecstacy. His eyes closed firmly and he gaped a bit, apparently quite enjoying resting his hand on his crotch. He gave a small gasp before opening his eyes to look back up at his bald companion.

The older Turk decided to make his move, and crawled forward until he was directly above Reno. He lowered his head and let his breath tickle the younger man's ear. "Having fun?" he whispered.

A shiver ran the length of Reno's spine at the breech of proximity. He turned his head, breathlessly whispering something in the affirmative before taking the top curve of Rude's ear into his mouth. He whimpered, tugging softly on it as he squirmed under nonexistant administrations.

Rude couldn't help but smirk at Reno's movements. "Haven't gotten laid in a while, have you?" One hand was placed on the floor to support his weight while the other one wandered along his partner's body, leisurely teasing random areas.

"Mmmn... ah, what makes y'say that...?" he mumbled absently, his muscles twitching slightly, to his dismay, at his partner's touch. It wasn't as if they hadn't played this game before, but it would help if he learned to play better.

"I don't know... By looking at the way you seem so... desperate, I guess." Rude's lips trailed down the younger Turk's neck, nipping lightly. His left hand drew circles on Reno's stomach as he ripped out a button with his teeth.

There came a sound from the redhead's nose that one could suppose was the stifling of a real pleased note. He laughed slightly. "Y'know I can't afford 'nother shirt... better gimme one t'morrow'r Tseng'll get bitchy..."

"Mrm... You could take one of mine," he muttered absently. He proceeded to rip off the other buttons as well; he'd already spoilt the shirt, so no harm in ruining it further.

It wasn't as if there were many actually prohibiting him in the first place. "Good. I was plannin' on it..." Reno had ceased making obnoxious noises and was now only breathing a bit coarsely, waiting to see just what it was Rude intended to do.

Rude sensed Reno's anticipation, and raised himself back to a crouching position, smirking slightly.

It wasn't that he didn't try to pout, but he was so close to breaking out into a grin it came out more like a pucker. The game was up. Rude knew he was enjoying the attention. Now it was just a matter of getting him to give more.

Rude pretended to examine his fingernails. "So... How are you?"

"Good. Tseng's been PMSin' all over me, but hey, I've seen worse..." Reno slowly moved so his leg rubbed against Rude's thigh. "And you?"

Rude's leg twitched. "Well, it was a very... unproductive day. Boring mission. Tseng should've just asked one of the rookies to deal with it instead of me."

The leg moved again. "Y'callin' me a rookie?"

Another twitch. "Hmm? Did I say that?"

"Y'were thinkin' it."

Rude grinned. "And how do you know that?"

"Cause I can read yer mind." Smirk.

"Really? Pray, tell me, what am I thinking of now?" he purred, eyes half-lidded.

"How stupid it is we always play this game when y'know damn well I wanna fuck you an' I know damn well y'wanna fuck me."

Rude chuckled. "Mm, you're right. So... who's on top this time?"

"...wouldn't it be funny if I tried t'pin y'down one'a these times?"

"Well... it would. But it wouldn't hurt to try." The older Turk smirked at the thought.

"Y'jus' wanna see me make a fool outta m'self." Reno snorted, shaking his head. He pulled his hand out of his pants, spreading his arms wide. "Whisk me away, fair Rude."

"Hah. You know me too well." Rude scratched the back of his head idly. "Where to, though?"

"...th' couch."

The bald turk glanced at the piece of furniture. "Will do," he muttered, and offered Reno his hand. "Come on, get up."

"Carry me!" Reno insisted, lowering his lids at Rude. He was making him work for this one. Not that he weighed enough to be work. But it was principle.

Rude shook his head. "Lazy bum." He pulled Reno up by his arm and heaved him onto his shoulder before depositing his partner onto the couch. "There."

The redhead didn't let go of the larger man when he was set down, suddenly jerking him down towards him with a laugh. He wrapped his arms around his neck, holding him tightly. "Got'cha."

Rude poked his side. "Oi. What are you plotting now?"

"I'm holdin' y'hostage."

"Ah... And what's the ransom?"

"Hot sex."

He pretended to think for a moment. "Alright. Hot sex it is, then."

"Awesome." Reno purred, nuzzling his partner affectionately, his knee once more becoming a nuisance, this time in a more... interesting area.

Rude groaned, his head dropping onto the redhead's shoulder. "...That feels good."

"I know..." he assured him, pressing more firmly against him. His boney fingers played softly at the back of the older Turk's neck and he turned once more to assault Rude's ear, pressing his tongue within before sucking at the lobe. He made sure to exhale deeply therein.

The bald Turk shuddered, his breathing becoming uneven and harsh.

"Mmmn.." Reno shifted slightly, lips brushing against his partner's ear as he spoke. "What's wrong, Rude...?" He pulled his leg against his comapnion's groin one final time before removing it completely, allowing it to curl against his other inobtrusively on the couch.

Eyes darkened with lust, Rude lavished his partner's shoulders with open-mouthed kisses as his hands fumbled with the buttons of his own shirt, ignoring the redhead's question.

With a short laugh, Reno kicked off his heavy boots, one hand unhooking from the bigger man's neck and moving down to tussle with his own belt, it unclicking without much hesitation. "Mmn...hmhmhmn..." he chuckled.

Rude tossed his shirt over his shoulder and kicked off his boots. "Pleased that you're going to get some?" he murmured.

"Happy yer finally givin' in..." He groped for Rude's belt now, unhooking it similarly and messing one-handedly with the button. "I need t'buy y'some tear-off pants..."

"Tear-off pants? That's a very... interesting idea. But there's no way in hell I'm going to wear one of those." Rude remained still, letting Reno do all the work.

The redhead was happy at his work, pulling the button free and working on the zipper, now. Hw had a devious curl to his lips. "What, I think y'd look good in tear-offs."

A dark eyebrow was raised in amusement. "Oh, really?"

"Yeah. An' if y'didn't, I KNOW y'look good in nothin'!" The younger Turk threw back his head, finding great fun in this notion, giving Rude's pants a good tug. "Take 'em off, big boy."

Rude grunted an inaudible reply but removed his pants anyway. Tossing the article of clothing aside, he placed his hands on either side of Reno and leaned closer. "So what do we do now, O' Sex-deprived One?"

"That's an easy question, my fair Rude..." he purred, long legs twisting around the larger man's waist. "We get hot an' heavy an' have a blast..." He smirked, chuckling to himself, grinning up coyly at his partner.

"Mm... Indeed," murmured the taller Turk. One of his hands slid between Reno's legs and to the zipper of his pants, and he proceeded to pull it down slowly, taking his time.

As thin as he was, the pants were already quite easy to remove, button and zipper intact. He knew Rude was just doing this to tease him. God, he hated being teased, but oh how sweet the payoff would be. Getting laid was getting far too difficult. He wiggled, urging the cloth from his jutting hipbones.

Rude chuckled. "Impatient, are we?" He hooked a few fingers in the belt loops of Reno's pants and tugged gently. "Up."

The redhead snorted and dug his heels into the couch, thrusting his waify pelvis high in the air. "Up enough for ya? R'should I go higher?" He wiggled, swaying uncertainly. "If y'want it higher, yer gonna have t'treat it nice..."

The bald turk smirked. "High enough." He pulled the redhead's pants past his hips and down his legs until the dark material was off him completely.

Reno fell back down with a small laugh, bouncing lightly on the couch and then laying still. His face dropped, eyes dilating. He pursed his lips, sniffling softly, and looked at Rude with a desperate 'I want candy" face. "Can I have hot lovin' now?"

"...Mm, if only you say please," purred Rude. "You need to learn some manners." He rested both elbows on the couch and looked up at Reno.

"Is 'now' a synonym for 'please?'" he purred back, leaning up to playfully lick Rude's nose. His knee raised between his partner's legs, providing a bit of convincing friction to the bigger man's most sensitive area.

The taller of the two smirked. "Well... it depends on my mood..."

"What's yer mood now?"

"Mm... Lethargic, but if you can convince me enough, I might just change my mood."

Reno chuckled to himself, moving his leg slowly against his partner. "An' how might I do that...?" he cooed, grin widening. "How much more convincin' d'ya need?"

Rude inhaled deeply. "At this rate, I'd say you still need to work a little bit harder," he whispered huskily.

A light chuckle escaped the smaller Turk as he rose, hooking an arm around Rude's neck. He pressed his lips to his partner's, fitting them more tightly after a moment, his other hand reaching blindly forward to find his friend's most powerful asset. After a moment, his grip was secure around him, tugging insistantly. He knew no better way to convince.

The bald Turk let out a muffled groan and pulled his head back. "Alright, that's enough," he said, taking the redhead's hand away from his crotch. He rubbed the calloused hand for a moment before whispering, "Touch yourself".

"Again?" The younger Turk gave a whining, complaining groan and flopped back on the couch. "God!" He threw a mini-fit, huffing crossly before giving one final snort and sliding a hand down his abdomen once more. This time he actually did something, treating himself about the same as he had Rude, giving a low, irritated moan. Had he intended on wanking off, he would've gone home.

Rude patted Reno's head apologetically. "Good boy." He leaned over the redhead and nipped the curve of his earlobe. A hand slid down to join the smaller Turk's, rubbing and pumping.

Though his previous noises were quite arousing, the ones the redhead now made had a more helpless, natural connotation. His glowing eyes slipped shut, a breathy laugh escaping his slightly parted lips. "Rude... yer a dick..."

The taller Turk smirked. "Ah, but don't you like it this way?" His mouth trailed along the younger Turk's jaw as his hand moved leisurely along the shaft.

"Yeah..." he agreed absently, his head tilting to allow his partner better access. His hips lifted against Rude's hand, small half-purrs in his throat. "More fun with a friend..."

Rude purred and bit down on the flesh below Reno's ear, leaving a mark on the skin.

The teeth sealed the deal, causing the smaller Turk to arch his back, a chill running straight down his spine. He hissed and groaned as he sunk back down. His hand tightened around Little Reno, thumb brushing over the head, sending an echoing shiver back up to his shoulders.

The older Turk hummed slightly, fingers dancing along with the redhead's hand.

Reno swallowed thickly, trying to steady his breath. Casual. Casual. "So, let's talk 'bout this hot lovin'..." he murmured, forcing his eyes to slit open. They stayed unfocused, however, his own ministrations combined with Rude's doing more to him than conversation could.

"Talk?" Rude's hand slid under the redhead and his fingers rubbed between Reno's cheeks. His other hand was pressed against the younger Turk's thigh. "Define talk."

"Mmhmn... so... when do I get it...?" His legs spread automatically, hoping and praying that he would be recieving just what it seemed. He waited, staring up into Rude's eyes. "...I like yer eyes. Glad y'keep 'em jus' fer me..."

The taller Turk leaned closer and kissed the tip of Reno's nose. "Mrm... D'you have any lube?"

"Of course, lemme jus' reach up m'ass an' get it..." The redhead, twisted, looking for anything that could be of use. Anything at all. "Uhmn. Fuck... I dunno, might me some in m'office... boozedrawer, t'th' back?"

Rude sighed. "...I thought you sometimes kept some with you."

"Might be a lubed condom in my wallet." Innocent grin.

"Hrm." Rude shifted slightly and reached a hand out towards Reno's jacket. He rummaged through the pockets and pulled out the younger Turk's wallet before tossing it to the redhead. "I don't want to know if you keep any other weird stuff in there, so get it yourself."

This response begot a laugh from the redhead. He kept nothing in it, really. A bit of spare cash, his Shinra, Inc. plastics and of course, a couple of rubbers, in case of emergency. He unsnapped the wallet and removed one of the condoms, tossing it to Rude before closing the billfold and tossing it on his jacket for safe keeping.

Tearing off the packaging, the bald Turk tossed it aside and leaned forward, leaving the condom dangling between a forefinger and thumb in front of Reno's face. "I've decided to give you the honour of putting this on me," he purred, eyes half-lidden.

"I jus' do all th' fuckin' work 'round here..." he whined, grin wide on his face. He pushed Rude backwards, pinning him awkwardly against the couch as he snatched the stickily lubricated condom. He kissed his companion deeply, tongue snaking into the larger man's mouth unbidden. He gave Rude a few more quick tugs before straddling him. The kiss never faltered, never broke, even as the latex slipped over the sensative head. Reno held it with years of practiced expertise, both hands working now, holding the end in place as he rolled it down, squeezing a little more than nessicary on the way. He rubbed the other Turk's member a bit more after it was securely covered, under the excuse of redistributing the moved lubrication. Devious. Tricky, tricky.

Stormy grey eyes opened in a flash, and before the other Turk had time to react, Rude had already flipped them over so that the redhead's body was digging into the couch. A slightly feral grin danced across the bald Turk's lips.

Reno grunted softly in the throw, head back at an angle after they landed, throat bared. He groaned a little, smirk widening on his lips again, completely unfettered. He squirmed, long legs adjusting to wrap against his companion's hips. "Wouldn't it be a bitch if someone walked in right now...?"

A low chuckle escaped the other Turk's lips. "It would, but you wouldn't have given a damn, anyway." He ran a few fingers along his member in an attempt to get some of the lubricant onto his fingers. When he thought he had collected quite an adequate amount, he trailed them along Reno's inner thigh, past his erect member, and to the area which was hidden from view. He worked a finger past the tight ring of muscle, watching the redhead intently for any signs of discomfort.

"Jus' makin' sure we were on th' same level..." Reno mumbled, trailing off in a second's worth of anticipation. His mouth fell open, eyes half-lidding, then shutting completely, a gasping groan bubbling in his throat. He shuddered, tension melting as it should, angular body sinking into the cushions once more. "Y'know what they say 'bout big hands..." he murmured, more to the ceiling than anyone else.

"Mm..." A bead of sweat trickled down Rude's jaw as he pushed in another finger. His free hand strayed to Reno's crotch, moving in a fixed pace.

Another helples noise of surprise slipped from the redhead's throat. "Big fingers..." he whimpered, shakily reaching up to touch Rude's face. His thin hand wrapped around his cheek, thumb directly below his eye. He moaned, head turning to the side a little, glowing irises appearing in small shards, eyes barely slitted open.

The digits slowed down, and Rude's voice came out more like a whisper when he asked, "Am I hurting you?". His other hand ran along the redhead's thigh in soothing motions, as if it could help ease the discomfort.

"Mmno..." Reno pulled himself up, pressed his lips against Rude's, running a hand over his smooth head. "No, no, yer... yeah, haven't gotten any in a while..." As if to reassure his partner further, the smaller man ground against him, whimpering into his ear.

"Alright... Think you can take in another?" His left hand resumed its position between the redhead's legs and stroked gently, almost lovingly.

The smaller man laughed softly, holding himself close, arm around the elder. He rested his forehead against his companion's, already a little ragged. "If y'really tried, I bet I could... Be nice..."

A third finger pushed its way in slowly; Rude felt the muscles stretch in order to give way for another intrusion. His other hand did not neglect its duty, and both hands worked equally hard for the younger Turk's sake.

Usually, he would've been more composed. Usually, he would've been crass and whorish, all over this and then some. But there was some sort of kinship, born of barfights and bedrooms, that held Rude above him in complete trust. And so Reno trusted him, allowed himself to enjoy a little more than usual, a breathy moan bubbling past his lips. His hips moved, torn between which to cater to, moving against one, both, niether, trying for anything it could get.

After a few more minutes of silence, broken by small whimpers from Reno and the nearly inaudible sound of his fingers working in the redhead, Rude figured that it was enough. "Think it's enough?", he asked, just to make sure.

The redhead couldn't give much of a coherant answer, nodding slightly with a very small laugh. He opened his eyes a bit more, focusing on Rude, sinking back into the couch. A shame, but a truth, that he knew only one person he would be this demure for. He ground against Rude again, insistantly. "Yeah... more'n 'nough..."

The bald Turk pulled each digit out gently and removed his other hand from the redhead's member. Both hands were then placed around Reno's frail-looking waist, and Rude pressed his lips to the other Turk's as he pushed in slowly.

A deep groan passed the Turk's throat, but was so quickly lost in the liplock, Reno's arms curling around Rude's neck desperately as his partner pressed inward. He arched against the larger man, pushing as much against him as he was pushed against. His fingers dug into the muscles of his back and neck, going for anything to steadily the ripples of pleasure beginning to claim his lower half.

Rude's left hand slipped back to the redhead's aching need and tended to it. When he was completely buried in the smaller Turk, he paused for a moment, worried that any sudden movement will cause Reno pain.

The redhead laughed softly, the laugh trailing off into a groan. He ground against his midnight lover, situating himself upon the larger man. He moved his hips against the hand, sighing heavily. Rude was his favourite and only friend. With benefits.

The taller Turk nipped along his companion's shoulder lightly as he began to pull out. His hand teased the warm flesh in its grip, fingers randomly moving over the entire length.

That wasn't flying well at all. "Rude.. come back..." Reno hooked his legs around Rude's hips, pulling them back together. He wasn't up for any more teasing. He sighed deeply, albeit shakily, fingers massaging his shoulders lightly.

And Rude returned, pushing in deeper than before, his hand working faster to make up for his previous actions. His other hand slid up the redhead's back to offer some means of support as they moved together.

A long, wavering moan escaped the smaller man. He moved against his partner, meeting his thrust, arching his back. His breathing was already bereft of smoothness, uneven, boarderline shakey. God, Rude was a fine lay.

Like Reno, Rude's breathing was irregular and came in pants and small noises. He quickened his pace, both hips and hand moving urgently, almost frantically. He could never get over the redhead's ability to drive him to such a state, but he had never bothered to figure it out either.

As the pace quickened, so did Reno's breathing. He wasn't managing full moans anymore, just small whimpers, panting, high-pitched grunts. It was true, Rude was mostly meat-and-potatoes, but his sheer power was what drove Reno crazy. He was in it as much for the redhead as himself, working so hard to make sure they both got off cleanly. If he had to pick a tentive lover, this was it. Right here.

The taller Turk's eyes were squeezed shut in concentration, beads of sweat dripping down his neck and glistening in the dim light. His hand worked harder, trying to coax the redhead into reaching his well-deserved climax.

If he worked any harder, he feared he would break. Or would fear, if there was an honest, coherant thought in his brain. There was only one. "Rude..." It wasn't uncommon for Reno to beg, which is what he was doing. But authenticity was the key. He was drawing very, very close.

Rude responded by kissing him deeply, tongue moving inside his mouth with an equal amount of passion and tenderness. The older Turk's hand tightened its grip to create more friction when he moved it over Reno's member. He was getting closer to the edge as well, and he hastened his thrusts.

Reno kissed back just as passionately, cries becoming lost and tangled in Rude's tonsils. He held onto the larger man desperately, hips straining against the double onslaught, ferver carrying him to the very brink, teetering on the edge of ecstacy.

A vein pulsed in the bald Turk's temple. The open palm that was supporting Reno's back curled into a fist, nails scraping against the small of his back. Rude exhaled shakily into the younger Turk's mouth, his other hand going insanely fast as it moved over the length.

A strangled noise of some various orientation bore deep in the smaller Turk's torso, crawling and clawing through his chest and out his throat. He threw back his head, the kiss abandoned in favour of a few, desperately needed deep breaths. His muscles all seemed to tense and then melt, a warm shudder running through him down to his toes. Thus he painted Rude's hand a whiter shade of pale, trembling slightly. "Rude..."

Rude's breath hitched, his body tensing as he felt Reno's shudders wash over him. His lips parted in a strangled moan, and with a final thrust, he filled the inside of the rubber, coating his own member with the sticky substance.

It took the redhead quite a bit to regain his bearings. When he did, his eyes lilted open, focusing vaguely on Rude. He swallowed thickly, steadying himself, before sitting up just enough to capture his partner's lips, sealing the deed with a kiss. Just what he needed.

The bald Turk kissed back lazily, pleased that he had finally completed his mission. The fingers of his clean hand danced in small patterns on the redhead's back as he purred into the other Turk's mouth.

Ah, afterglow was bliss, the warmth settling in his limbs just as surely as booze would have. He kissed Rude sweetly, lavishly, just enjoying the mess they made on the couch together and of each other.

Rude sighed in contentment, his left hand tugging at the condom to get it off while his right hand continued tracing small circles between Reno's shoulder blades. After successfully taking it off, he tossed it aside, ignoring the small noise it made when it met the floor.

Reno couldn't help but snicker at that, remembering some crude joke about the sound pubic hair makes. He nuzzled his companion affectionately, tugging lightly on his pierced earlobe. His thoughts idly wondered if he could coerced Rude into taking him home for the night and inviting him to sleep in his bed. That would be awesome. He made a note to ask.

The taller Turk sensed that the redhead was either about to make some random remark or ask him for a favor. "Something on your mind?" He scratched the back of one of Reno's ears.

"Y'found this cute little slum-whore an' he follows y'home... d'ya keep 'im an' let 'im sleep at th' foot a'th' bed...?" he purred, his tongue running along the outer curve of Rude's ear.

"Mm... Well, it depends on how cute the slum-whore is..."

Reno laughed softly, brightly, kissing his partner's cheek, again, again, moving back until it landed on his lips once more. That kiss lingered before the smaller Turk pulled back, nosing insistantly beneath his lover's chin. "This cute?"

Rude patted Reno's head and chuckled. "Well, I guess I'll allow this one to have me as a pillow tonight."

"Wow, that cute?"

A small grin. "You're always cute."

"Heh. Yer th' best, Rude." The younger man nuzzled under his partner's chin, nipping lightly at his throat. "Shall we, then?"

"Mm." The older Turk grabbed their discarded clothing and tossed half of the pile to Reno. "Get dressed and then we'll go."

"I hope y'end up with mine." He laughed, pulling on the pants. He couldn't tell if they were too big or not. They were all too big for him. He groped around for a belt, pulling the slacks tight enough to stay and finding a random shirt to put on. Wallet in pocket, leave the jacket. Pause. "Yer so gonna pick that thing up. I'm not touchin' it."

Rude stuffed his tie into the pocket of his jacket. "Heh." He picked up the discarded rubber and tossed it into the nearest trashcan. "Mrm, are we all set?"

"One more thing." The slum Turk sauntered over to Rude, stretching as he went and stopped before him. He smirked, slithered his arms around his neck and then jumped up against him. "Carry me, my love, off into th' sunset!"

The bald Turk couldn't help but smirk and shake his head at his partner's request. "You're lucky that no one's around at this time and that you're not very heavy." He hooked an arm around the back of the other Turk's knees and lifted him off his feet.

And thus it came to be that Reno curled against his midnight lover, warm and satisfied, completely at ease and asleep in less than a minute. He was the definition of safe and warm, a small smile still on the edge of his lips. He was heartbreakingly adorable, completely unassuming, almost innocent. Shame he wasn't give such love to convert him often.

...That was hell. X_x;;; The editing, I mean.
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