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27 February 2005 @ 04:01 am
to make up for earlier  
i was a PMSing bitch earlier to-day. so i made up for it with rude. we wrote fluff. because... rude thinks reno is adorable. and because reno's gonna be a pest more than once every 2 weeks.

It was one of those nights where Reno started early, too angry with work to wait for Rude to get off. He'd already gotten himself in trouble and the bars on the plate knew just how to handle that. Rude had gotten the call and he'd come and picked up the surly redhead, who seemed in infinitely better once in better company. He was obviously drunk, noted by his instant smothering of affection and slurred speech patterns. He was easy enough to drag home, which Rude had done without complaint and stayed in bed once placed there, not before stealing one of his partner's enormous soft t-shirts. And so Reno lay, curled up in the blankets, bleary eyes peering out at Rude still. "Come t'bed Rude... I'm cold..."

Rude shook his head at the redhead. "You're a mess." He got into bed, pulling the smaller Turk closer, and ran his fingers through the long fiery locks.

This seemed to sedate what little fight there was left in the redhead for the night. He molded easily to the larger man, rubbing his nose into his shoulder before settling. "Hey Rude..." he trailed off with a yawn. He was quiet for a few long moments before murmuring in the same tone, "Hey Rude..."

The taller Turk pressed his lips to Reno's forehead as he rubbed the younger Turk's back. "Mm..?"

"Y'live here, right? Can I live here too?" Thin fingers reached up, running along the shell of Rude's ear. "Please?"

Long fingers carresed the back of the redhead's neck. "...Are you sure you want to?"

"Do I have t'pay rent?" he murmured, nuzzling his partner affectionately. He stifled another yawn.

"Well, if it was someone else I'd say yes, but since it's you, you can stay here for free. As long as you like."

"Really?" He seemed really surprised at this. "Thanks Rude... thanks so much..." He tilted his head back, kissing his companion lovingly. He murmured 'thank you's between kisses, kissing him quickly, repeatedly.

Rude blocked the onslaught with a palm and chuckled softly. "Silly." He kissed the tip of Reno's nose. "Wanted to ask you before, but didn't think that you'd want to."

"Rude... yer m'best...est friend... no one likes me but yooou..." Scarred flesh pressed to his hand, rubbing against it lightly. "I have a place t'stay now 'cause m'best friend'll let me crash at his house..." Who he was talking to was a complete mystery. "...with a fuckin' bed... a mother fuckin' bed... an' blankets..."

The bald Turk smiled slightly. "Yeah. You're probably tired out... better get some sleep." He patted Reno's cheek affectionately.

"I'm not ti..." A conveniently placed yawn interrupted his testimony. He obviously lost his train of thought, after the yawn merely pressing his face into his partner's neck again. "T'morrow... I'll make dinner fer ya... 'cause yer lettin' me stay... Wha'd'ya like...?"

"Mm... Anything will do." He kissed the top of Reno's head, taking in the scent of alcohol.

"Mn..." Reno was already asleep again, having probably dozed off right after last speaking. He sighed heavily, making a few other small, comfortable noises before falling still, breathing deep.

Rude smiled sadly at the angelic image. He felt a bitter sting in his chest at seeing the redhead sleeping, face devoid of any emotion. All Reno needed in this polluted and corrupt world was love, someone to hold on to, somewhere to call home.

The redhead slept the deep, dreamless sleep of inebriation, breath warm against his companion's neck, curled form warm against his chest. And thus he earned his keep as the human space-hearter.
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