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22 March 2005 @ 11:04 pm
In Which There Are Scenes of Chaos  

(I feel kind of silly, since you are all serious and I'm all un-serious!!!!!
[edit]: Why am I doing this? I SUCK.
PS: Please don't kill me, but a light smack for my incompetance is appreciated[/edit])

Well, might as well put this experiment to work right?
She had a feeling today a LOT of people would ask if
she was sick, but she had to know. It was soemthing
she needed to steele with herself, what would happen
if one side really did win out over another. Nodding
to herself, ready to do this, she set out with her
guns to the training room. She looked unusually
serious for one like herself, her "mask" pentetrating
even the way she walked. Coming into the training
room, she pulled out her P22 and readied herself to
start firing away.

There was a madwoman in the training room.

Someone had told Jules and described someone who could
only be Jiang. He sauntered down there, having just
come there. So he was clean, showered and dressed for
work, the twin curves knives at his back.

Jiang Chi was a bit more focused than usual even so
she didnt notice as anyone came into the training
room, nor the fact that people had been watching her
in disbelief. It was just her and her gun. One two
three. One two three. Blowing through the targets,
some with the heart, some with the head, but all with
that same gaping hole when she was done. Nodding to
herself after she wasnt sure how long, Jiang Chi
decided it was time to try another gun. Walking out of
the range, it was then she noticed Jules. "Morning
Julian," she said, giving a respectful nod as she
gently put away the P22 and started to ready the
Mongoose for action.

One of the trainees looked at Jules, than Jiang Chi
and decided, wisely, to vacate the area. He was sure
that they were in Turk Business. Of course, Jules was
smiling, broadly and watching.


Jiang Chi finished preparing the gun and pocketed it,
walking over to Jules. "Have you been practicing out
on the range?" she asked, a brow raised. "I have been
working in my spare time with the claws, making steady
progress I believe," she added. "Brought an extra gun
with me if you would like to fire as well," she added.
Which she had, though she hadnt meant to hand it over
so soon, it was a gun she had handpicked out of her
collection for Jules to use. After all, one should go
nowhere without a good gun and she knew that the one
she had picked was a good one.

"I can hit things," He said with a bit of mocking.
Mocking himself and his bad aim, not her, of course.
Guns, he really wished that they weren't needed, but
honestly... oh well. Julian shrugged, "I've put in a
request for some more ... stealthy claws, even a grunt
wouldn't be so dumb as to let you waltz into a
conference room with those 10inchers attached to your

Jiang Chi shook her head, a slight smile of amusement
on her face. If there was one thing about Jules that
she loved, it was that he was always amusing! "Tell me
at least that things include the target," she replied,
slightly teasing him. Her brow rose at the mention of
smaller claws. Well, ten inch slaws were somewhat of a
big set to use, that was certainly true! But there
werent that many places that made claws were there?
She smiled. "I definitly appreciate it, though I have
to admit it would be amusing to see the look on
everyones face if I DID wear ten inches into a
conference room."

She thought a moment, before pulling out Jules's new
gun. "I picked this one out for you Julian," she said,
handing him the handgun. "I mean I wasnt certain if it
would be the right fit or anythin like that, but Im
pretty certain it is." She held it out to him,
wondering if hed accept. It was the least she could do
for him after even ATTEMPTING to continue a training
session with her after having a gladius flying the

"...uh, thanks...I'm sure it will get lots of use,"
He gingerly took the firearm from her and examined it.
Sure, Julian could tell if the gun was a good one, or
whatnot. But using it was not the best of ideas,
"...this is... amazing," He murmured. The handle had
been rebalanced, and tightened for better accuracy.
The barrel had been polished and smoothed and the
hammer filed for a smoother shot.

Jiang Chi smiled in response. "Trust me, its the least
I can do," she said. She knew what a fine handgun it
was, one of the betetr ones she had, and like all of
her guns kept in the best condition possible. Still,
despite how much work went into the gun, she didnt
regret giving it to another. "You have out in more
time with me on the training range than any of my
instructors dared to. It isnt really too often a
teacher will remian on the range after a gladius goes
flying anyways." Back then, it had been no different
either. As soon as the weapons went flying she was
switched to a gun, and when her instructors saw it
wouldnt go flying, that was what they stuck with. Ne
secondary weapon, no close ramge training at all,
simply shooting. It was how she had it so well
refined, her expertise.

"Ah, well, you didn't kill me or attempt to castrate
me..." Julian grinned, "Therefore I assumed you were
safe." Which alluded to him knowing some people who
had tried the above things. With bad results,

Jiang Chi shook her head, again throughly amused.
"Castrate yu? Please tell me Julian that some fool did
not ACTUALLY attempt that," she replied, wondering idy
what would happen to the individual who tried. She had
a feeling it would be a messy end, and if it had been
a GUY who attemped it they probably would have found
their manhood at the wrong end of Jules's blades.

"I did grow up in the slums," He said with a cheerful
grin. Really, people should know better than to
challenge him to anything blade related. He usually
one. Always won was a better way to put it.

She had to give him that one. Shed grown up in an
orphanage which wasnt much better, but given the
choice it was definitly obvious which one was the
better of the two places! She nodded. "You do have a
point there. I can only imagine what interesting
circumstances would have happened out there. Biggest
thing I had to worry about growing up was a person
grabbing my ears and pulling me back home." Which
happened a lot to Jiang Chi considering all of the
trouble and mischief shed get into to amuse herself
and get away from the annoying kids that shared her
home of sorts then.

"Oh, that was all we had to worry about..." Julian
said with a flippant attitude. Grabbing their ears
with a shotgun, perhaps. Or the whorehouses and
pimps... such things, but it wasn't a bad life. Not
as bad as it would have been, anyway. Keys had been a
good kid, stealing, doing things that weren't quite
legal... but never over to the Don's side of things.
Or anything like that.

Nah, he had been a clean kid.

Jiang Chi shook her head. "And why am I not beliving
that?" she asked with a slight smile.

"...you've never lived in the slums have you? It was
all fun and games!" Until someone lost their life,
their brother, sister and lover. Or so the saying

"I cant say that I have, the place I grew up in was on
th plate itself. Although I have visited the slums for
missions and such... and it seems every time I travel
through it something different occurs. And not of the
fun and games variety either." She found herself
wondering just how ANYONE survived in the slums,
considerig the activities shed seen just passing
through! It was a wonder kids lived into their teens!

"Aww, nobody wanted to play hopskotch with you?" You
and your best friend the explosives. Julian was very
good natured, and hardly seemed like slum scum.
Especially compared to Reno who was also slum scum,
wasn't he now? Oh well, everyone dealt with tragedy
and adversity in their own special way.

Jiang Chi raised a brow at that. "Oh no, nothing like
that Im afraid. It was more like... 'see what you can
take and run' or 'direct the newcomer to a bathroom
thats rigged to knock them out.' But, I have to admit,
there are some of the brightest people in Midgar in
the slums," she added. After all, some of those
pranks, tricks, and just staying alive... it was a
wonder all people from the slums werent geniuses!

"Did you ever play hide and seek?" Julian was curious
now, that was his favorite slum game. Hide and snipe,
more like it, but really it was a good game. "...I do
believe many rookies come out of the slums."

"...Hide and seek?" Jiang Chi asked. "If you include
that game where a person tried to get into a
gunslinger match with me then yes," she said. One of
the shortest duels shed ever faced, but then, most
werent used to dealing with a person that had as much
deadly efficency with a firearm as Jiang. They sure
had inetresting ways to keep amused! But was it any
worse really then the games she had "played" with
local monsters? "You're probably right on that Julian,
I think I heard Reno was from there. Not that you two
are anything alike!" she quickly added, shaking her
head. To her, Reno and Jules were about as different
as night and say.

"...Really?" Julian grinned, he
couldn't really imagine Reno. He hadn't met the
rookie yet, but he seemed to be rather famous around
here. He bet it was because the slums were a bit...
rougher than the Plate, so to speak that people came
out of them with ambition. Because if you didn't have
any, you didn't come out.

Jiang Chi nodded. " You two are
definitly much different from what Ive seen and hard
anyways." She paused a moment, before nodding and
pocketing all of her supplis, putting asway that which
needed it. "Well, for now, would you like to go form
some coffee and breakfast Julian?" Jiang Chi asked,
remembering hat shed briugh in something rather sweet
for breakfast earlier that Jules wqould probably
greatly enjoy.

"...depends, if it isn't just coffee, I
can't deal with bitter things," Julian said with a
grin, rolling his shoulders. He couldn't just drink
coffee, because it was bitter and didn't taste very
good. BUT he could drink coffee if he had sweets to
go with.

Jinag Chi had to smile at that. "Wll I
didnt say what the breakfast treat was becaue I was
going to surprise you Julian but.. oh why not? I had
bought a cheesecake for my class as a treat the other
day and brought the leftovers in for my breakfast. But
theres mote than enough to share... are you still up
for it?" she asked.

Julian perked up, immediately.
Cheesecake? He had a weakness for cheesecake, and had
consumed the last bit of his stash just recently.
Cheesecake was like God, no... Cheesecake was better
than God. "...cheesecake?" He tried not to sound too
eager, "That sounds awfully tempting..."

JIang Chi's sharper than even usual
eyes coudlnt miss his look of course and she nodded,
waving to him from the door. "Come on then, I have
plenty to go around," she said, as she nodded and
started off towards the breakroom. Once there she lied
out the cheescake with forks and paper plates, and
started a pot of coffee up seeing as someone hadnt
refilled the pot. Noone was in the breakroom, and for
once it seemed almost eerily quiet!

Julian grinned, "Well, cheesecake... my
one weakness, as I bet you figured, huh?" His fingers
twitched and he was busy investigating the cheesecake.
A small sniff and curious look.

Julian Chi smiled. "I had a hunch," she
replied simply, as the coffe finished and she set out
a pair of cups, bringing over tons of sugar and cream
as well. She cut the remaining cheesecake into slices,
putting one on her plate and one on Jules's plate as
she started mixing her coffee. "Besides, can you
imagine what would have happened if I had tried to eat
all of this cheesecake by myself?" she asked, brow

"You would have gotten fat." Julian
said cheerfully, and surprisingly, took his coffee
black. Weirdo. But cheesecake made up for the lack
of sugar and cream, "So, haven't given Tseng a massive
headache yet, have you?"

"Well I would have just had to work it
off then woudlnt I?" JIang Chi asked, taking a drink
of coffee. "But I figured this was by far the easier
route." She shrugged at the mention of Tseng. "Well I
havent been to his office so I assume I havent," she
replied wih a smile. "Least I certainly hope so..."
The idea of what Tseng could conjure up if she did was
not a very welcome one!

Julian laughed, "Being to his office
isn't so bad, you make it sound as if he is going to
eat you!" It was hard for him to imagine Tseng eating
someone. Or screaming at them, just... He'd always
felt that Tseng's anger was a bit more of a quiet roll
than a lightning strike. Tseng's fighting, was far
more of a lightning strike.

"Now I thought that we established he
ate BABIES," Jiang Chi reminded with a slight grin.
"And well everyone Ive ever known who ended up going
into Tseng's office has come out white as a ghost so
what does that tell you?" she asked. Every rookie had
seen Tseng's victimes before! Some even formulated
that Tseng must be some kind of secret vampire...

Julian looked at her, wondering if that
was true. He'd never had an issue with Tseng, then
again... perhaps if he was a no good, annoying rookie
then he would. A bite of cheesecake, satisfied hmmm
and sip of coffee, "...well, I've lived." He pointed

Jiang Chi had to think on that moment.
"Well, maybe there are exceptions, I dont know... all
I know is that when has a summon to his office
produced good results?" she asked, taking in a bite of
her cheesecake and smiling brightly. A smile which
definitly would have reminded anyone of the way Jiang
Chi usually was. 'Mmmmmmm.... nummers,' she thought to
herself. Cheescake=decadent bliss.

"...I think that..." A thoughtful
paused occured, "Tseng would not appreciate random
cheesecake." Another bite, another sigh of
satisfaction. He was in pure bliss eating cheesecake.

Jiang Chi blinked at that comment but
decided not to comment right afterwards in favor of
another bite of her cheesecake. It was really good
shed had to admit.. though looking across the table
one would have thought Jules was going to get high off
of the stuff! "I thought everyone appreciated
cheesecake," she finally said, finishing her last bite
and looking over at the rest of it, before putting
another slice on her plate. Why not she decided?

Julian looked down at his cheesecake,
"Perhaps if we convinced him that it was
work-related." He said with a not, finishing one
slive and just reaching for another. Because he felt
like it, and cheesecake was lovely, and he could care
less if it made him fat.

"Hmmmmmm.... perhaps we could tell him
chessecake helps keep the mind sharp and happy?" she
asked, taking another bite of hers. Good thing they
were thin slices. She noted Jules got another one as
well and didnt feel so bad. Taking another drink from
her coffee she smiled. "Besides, everyone needs a
little cheesecake in their life," she replied,

Julian laughed, imagining himself
walking up to Tseng and saying that. He could just
see Tseng tap off the ash of a cigarette, sip some tea
and give him the 'wtf are you trying to pull? get back
to work' look. It was very amusing.

"We might call it 'tea cake' and then maybe he'd
fold?" Just idle musing, because he doubted it.

Cheesecake only lasted so long, and so did their conversation.
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