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21 March 2005 @ 01:46 pm
in my nightmare i feel so alive  

The shooting the previous week had been a major let-down to nearby companies. Fear was reinstilled from the occurance and security was top priority at tonight's gala event. The newest engines were being show, prototypes gleaming and polished, just waiting to be revealed to high-ranking employees and benefactors alike. The guest list was short, prim, full of only the nessicaries. The menfolk had deviated at the door, the ladies swooping upon their escorts to bring them into the circle of hush-hush to do about their husbands. The gentlemen went to their own rooms, budgets, news, anything being discussed before the events were started for this evening all was gossip, that was for sure.

This was precisely why young Tessy had come. She was a lover of mum's-the-word facts and her silver tongue won her much appeal within the circles. She could loose anyone's lips, though the ladies needed no help on that aspect. She listened intently, flute of champagne in hand, smile on her lips, mischief in her almond shaped eyes.

In another room, Gerald smiled politely as one of the benefactors in their small group made a crude joke about how all employees should shave off their "mop of extra cells" in order to reduce the number of people, especially women, who frequented the restroom in order to adjust a stray tendril. He tugged lightly at the long ponytail behind his back absent-mindedly. He knew that some of the older men eyed his youthful visage with admiration, though tainted with jealousy, and he had already turned down an eager executive's offer to grant him his daughter's hand. The man had been persistent, and it was only after Gerald told him that he was married did the balding man desist. Though he had been talking to some of the gentlemen for a while, he still hadn't found he information that he was after.

The gossip amongst the women was more filling, right at the juicier bits of this man and that, rather than jokes and geniality. Tessy had asked a potent question about the new developements considering getting the better of Shinra, Inc. Everyone was a-twitter with excitement, all ready to give Jack a well-deserved kick in the balls. She watched, idly playing with her earring. After a bit of chatter, she found exactly what she was looking for, crystalline eyes narrowing slightly to focus upon it. She watched their ruddy lips move as if memorizing the way they formed words, taking in the tidbits about this and that, the secret information that their husbands rambled about on bad days. She just stood smiling, bringing the flute to her lips.

Unsatisfied with the topic that the men chose to talk about, Gerald excused himself, thanking them for their delightful tales and wonderful company. He exited the room and scanned the main hall for a potential individual whom he could speak to. Most of them were ladies, and feeling that it would be rude of him to bother them, he was about to head for the restroom when a figure near one of the many windows caught his eye. The slouched posture of the young man roused Gerald's curiosity. Even with his ironed suit, he looked out of place. Perhaps it was the forlorn look on his face as he stared blankly out of the window. Deciding that it would do him no harm, he walked across the large room towards the person.

Details fell like leaves in autumn, staining Tessy's memory with exactly the right information. She cut the conversation short when she found nothing more interesting to hear, asking when festivities would commence. The group was a-buzz with talk of catering, men joking around and smoking cigars. She entertained some slight conversation before excusing herself to the powder room to check her hair.

It turned out that the youth was the son of one of the high-ranking executives. His father had forced him to attend this gathering, saying that it would be benefitial for his future, because he was fated to inherit his father's fortune when the old man passed away. However, he had no interest in business, but he respected his father's wishes. Gerald listened to the younger man's story, saying nothing, just lending and ear. He wasn't the kind who could express sympathy, and he felt that the other man would rather have him listen than interrupt with honey-laden words. Deciding that he had wasted enough time, he left the young man with a word of encouragement, and asked a group of women if they had seen his wife. Their answer prompted him to head to the powder room, and like the gentleman he was, waited patiently for his wife to emerge.

Inside, the raven-haired woman removed her earring, inspecting it carefully. It glowed softly at the core and she grinned at it. "Y'get all that?" she asked quietly, her voice rasping a bit in the privacy of the bathroom. She put the earring back in place and adjusted her hair, making sure it wasn't lopsided in the least. She then emerged, slipping out and catching her husband in the corner of her eyes. "Oh, darling. I was worried I wouldn't see you again." The words were meticulously pronounced, eyes speaking more than crispy formal words.

"Mm." His wife was as lovely as ever; not one strand was out of place. "Was your conversation with the ladies illuminating?"

"Terribly, if you consider blended gossip and office politics to be particularly bright..." She winked slightly at him before slipping her arms around his neck, straightening on her toes until her carefully painted lips brushed her husband's ear. "Everything we needed t'know, minus th' general information t'be released at th' presentation later..." she purred, lithe form molding to his. Her teeth gently tugged at his ear before she pulled away, looking at him with a certain amount of half-lidded lust. She believed that moments such as this kept her husband faithful.

"Hm, I don't think it could be any worse than elderly men and their random... idiocy." He tugged at his ear. "Anyway, I believe that the presentation will be starting soon." Dark eyes glinted with amusement as an arm was offered to his wife. "May I have this lovely lady's consent to escort her to where the event will be held?"

"You most certainly may, kind sir." The beautiful brunette slipped her arm into her husband's, folding her hands on his forearm. She curled against him, looking possessive, daring anyone to make a move on either. She did so love scaring off those around her. She disliked hangers-on more than anything at these events.

Her husband couldn't prevent the smirk that tugged on the corner of his lips. He knew that she was aware of his tastes, and it amused him greatly whenever any lewd female were to gaze in his direction hungrily, ignorant of his marital status, and then receive a poisonous glare from the woman beside him.

The couple made their way toward the main ballroom where there was a slide screen already brought down. The microphones were going through their last minute checks, seats arranged for the audience. Some had already begun congregating, for whatever reason eager to get this business on with. They took a seat mid-front, centered, where they would have premium view of the presentation once the event begun. Tessy looked up at her husband once they were seated, smiling coyly at him, brushing a stray ebony lock behind her ear.

Gerald merely raised an eyebrow slightly, the smirk still visible on his face. He leaned towards his wife in the pretense of kissing her cheek. "We'll have plenty of time later." The presentation began, and he resumed his sitting position.

The presentation was long and boring, full of schematics and a lot of things that really were aimed at the benfactors, trying to convince them that supporting this notion and process was a good idea. They finished up with a Q & A, but niether Tessy nor Gerald had much to ask. Tessy in particular was rather disenthused with the whole notion of staying long than needed. She checked the wall clock several times, sighing softly after each.

Finally, after a speech of appreciation by the president, who needed the vice-president to help support his weight looked like he should have an extreme makeover, the presentation ended. Gerald stood and gave his wife a enquiring look. "Shall we go, dear?"

She nodded slightly, wrapping herself once more about his arm. She bid fairwell to the few dignitaries around then and awaited her loving husband to show her out.

He led her out of the room, nodding to some of the men he had talked to, out of the mansion, and towards the dark vehicle parked in a corner. Once the car doors were unlocked, he held open the door for his wife, smiling slightly.

"Thanks." She slipped in, wiggling in the seat until she was comfortable. Ah, it was good to be out of the stuffy party. Her eyes watched in the rearview as he rounded the car, having shut the door for her and heading now for his own. Time to go home.

Settling in the driver's seat, he glanced at his wife before starting up the engine. His body was aching and all he wanted to do upon reaching home was to sleep.

"Mission accomplished."
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